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Claytan Complete Range Lead Safe Ceramic Tableware

Claytan Complete Range Lead Safe Ceramic Tableware

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First Garde
Material - Ceramic

-Lead Safe: Passed USA FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration) and California Proposition 65 standards for metal release.

-Freezer: Products are freezer safe. Do not worry for any breakages if put in Fridge or freezer.

-Dishwasher-Safe: Claytan products are dishwasher safe under normal dish washing conditions.

-Glazed Foot: The flatware of our product is glaze footed. A glazed and protected foot will protect the tableware when the wares are stacked up and not exposed to a rougher "dry foot" abrasion and it also reduces scratches on table.

-Microwave & Oven Safe: Our products are microwave & Oven safe, so can use up to 300 degrees Celsius. But please be reminded the thermal shock resistance temperature difference is only 180 degrees. Thermal shock means a sudden temperature fluctuation causing stress in an object or substance. It means after we take out the plate from oven, it is still at high temperature and should not put it into cold water, or cracks will occur. So it is advisable after we take out the plate from oven, we leave it 10-30 min before wash it or put it into water. So we should let the plate take out from oven and let it cool down below 180 degree only wash it.

Why we said our plate can be microwave or oven safe? it is because our tableware is fired at 1120 degree for 23 hours.

-Under-glaze Decoration: Non- toxic, safe to use and would not fade (long lasting) as the design’s colour are fully insulated by glaze from in contact with food.


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